Jess has a flair for creating captivating hairstyles. For years, she’s been honing her craft in order to provide clients with a personalized and memorable experience. Not only does Jess specialize in cutting and styling, she also aims to educate her clients on product knowledge and styling technique–giving them the confidence they need to maintain their stunning looks at home.

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Jessica Weeks

Thank you!! Jess did great!! She listened to my concerns, repeated them back to me and during the haircut checked in to make sure it was meeting my goals/specifications. Im absolutely in love with my hair and looking forward to my next appointment. Side note head massage during hair wash was 10/10!!

Abby Powers

Jess is incredibly knowledgeable with hair and very warm and inviting! I greatly appreciated my first Sunday Salon session and will be visiting again soon.

Susan Shank

Jess is a dream come true! She gave me the perfect pampered experience and educated me on my hair type and worked with me to create art on my head! I’m so happy.

Kelley Varner

Great salon. Welcoming and warm. Very clean with a great atmosphere. I love the plant wall.
Jess is magic and saved my hair!

Thankam Rangala

Jess is superb. From her warm, engaging personality to the expert care and attention to styling my curly hair always attentive to ensuring that I am happy. She is delightful! Thank you, Jess!

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