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Indulge in a full spectrum of hair services tailored to your individual style and preference, delivered by experts passionate about bringing the latest trends and techniques to life. Utilizing only the finest professional products, we guarantee vibrant results that speak volumes about your unique sense of fashion. Experience luxury, relaxation, and personalized care that transforms a salon visit into a pampering retreat.

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At Sunday Salon, we do hair, we do teamwork, we do respect, we do friendship, we do drinks, we do laughter, we do fabulous things.


Refresh and revitalize your look with a haircut that reflects your personal style.

Whether you’re after a bold new look or a simple trim, our cuts are customized to suit your individual features and lifestyle. Our stylists are trained to craft the perfect cut for you.

Lived-in Color

Subtle, natural, effortless—embrace the magic of lived-in color.

Master the art of subtlety with colors that whisper sophistication. Our lived-in color services promise a seamless transition and low-maintenance glamour.

Grey Coverage

Seamless grey coverage that respects the character of your hair.

We delicately blend away greys with shades that maintain the natural look and feel of your hair.


Unlock a sun-kissed glow with strokes of balayage brilliance.

Our color specialists mix the perfect palette to add depth, contrast, and movement, creating a dimensional masterpiece for your hair.

Dimensional Color

Elevate your hair with rich, dimensional color that tell your story.

Our colorists craft a flawless palette for your hair, creating depth and movement for a dimensional look that enhances your unique beauty.


Find the perfect brunette shade that complements you from our collection.

Our talented colorists excel at creating the perfect brunette tone to match your skin tone and personal style, guaranteeing a look that is truly yours.


Discover the ideal red hue that complements your style.

Our team of skilled colorists is committed to creating a customized, distinctive appearance that aligns perfectly with your unique style and preferences.


Uncover the ideal blonde tone that enhances your beauty.

Our blonde specialists excel at choosing the perfect shade to match your skin tone and preferences for a look that reflects your unique style.

All Over Color

Indulge in a uniform all over color that radiates from root to tip.

From bold and bright to soft and natural, our all-over color services deliver stunning, even color across every strand.


Light up your look with highlights that accentuate and enhance.

Our refined highlighting techniques add dimension and depth, giving your hair a vibrant and refreshed appearance.

Hair Extensions

Length, volume, and everything in between—achieve it all with our premium hair extensions.

We offer high-quality hair extensions that blend seamlessly, providing natural-looking length and volume where you desire.

Curly Hair Specialists

Celebrate your curly hair with stylists who love and understand curls.

Our professionals are trained in the intricacies of curly hair, ensuring your coils are cut and styled to perfection.

Keratin Treatments

Unveil sleek, smooth, and manageable hair with our transformative keratin treatments.

Say goodbye to frizz and hello to a sleek, long-lasting smoothness that simplifies your daily routine.


Achieve the perfect blowout for an impeccable, lasting look.

Whether you’re heading to a meeting or a gala, our blowouts provide volume, style, and endurance making every day a good hair day.

Hair Treatments

Nourish, repair, and strengthen your hair with our revitalizing hair treatments.

Our deep conditioning and restorative treatments restore health and vitality to your hair.

Formal Styling

Make every event memorable with a bespoke formal hairstyle.

From updos to elaborate braids, our stylists create a look that complements your event and personal style flawlessly.

Bleach & Tone

Go boldly blonde with our expert bleach and tone services.

Achieve your ultimate blonde ambition with precision lightening and toning for a flawless finish.


Make a statement with vivid and vibrant colors that showcase your unique personality.

From bold blues to daring pinks, our vivids use high-quality pigments for long-lasting, show-stopping color.


Flaunt stunning waves or curls with a modern spin on the classic perm.

Reinvent your style with customizable perm options, each promising lasting texture and body.

Color Corrections

Transform your hair with meticulous color correction for flawless results.

Need to correct a color mishap or transform your look? Our color correction experts can help. Trust us to enhance your hair color with precision and care.

Personalized Consultations

Begin your hair transformation with a consultation tailored just for you.

We take the time to understand your desires and offer expert recommendations to achieve your dream look.

Model Calls

Join us for model calls and be a part of the latest styling trends.

Participate in our model calls and experience cutting-edge styles as we refine our techniques with the freshest trends.

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