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Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create. – Jana Kingsford.

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Are you a passionate hairstylist looking for the perfect place to showcase your skills and creativity?

At Sunday Salon, we’re seeking talented, detail-oriented individuals to join our high-end hair care team. We’re not just a salon, but a platform for hairstylists looking to grow in their career and provide personalized, luxurious experiences to our clients.

Be a part of a team that values quality, creativity, and unmatched service. You’ll get the opportunity to work with a diverse clientele and create elegant, sophisticated styles tailored to their unique needs. Together, we can help our clients feel more confident and fashionable.

Apply now to be a part of Sunday Salon, where you’ll get a chance to transform people’s lives while developing your own skills and career. Your opportunity to shine is just a click away.

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We can provide you with a career that every professional stylist dreams of, allowing you to join a team of dedicated, supportive, and passionate co-workers who excel in their craft.

Sunday Salon is a place where extraordinary is possible. Love your work environment as much as your artistry. Join us to help set a new standard in salon service.

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Our management team has deep industry experience and extensive knowledge of business management for professional services.

We are focused on using technology to drive efficiency and employee satisfaction. Our goal is to empower your success using tools that work and by providing clear communication that drives our common goal: delighted clients.

Delight your clients with an exceptional salon experience that reflects the love and dedication you put into your work. Elevate their expectations and exceed them with unparalleled service and expertise.

Our Benefits

Other salons have “perks”; We have the Sunday Salon culture. Of course, we also cover the basic benefits…

Health Insurance

Paid Time off

Retail Commission

Stock Options

401(k) Plan

Uncomplicated Pay Structure

Marketing support

Breakroom snacks

Online Booking

Mentoring & Coaching

Client Amenities

Continuing Education

No Drama

Team Collaboration

Flexible Scheduling


Performance Rewards

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FAQ: Find Answers to Your Burning Questions!
Where is Sunday Salon located?

The Arboretum at Weston
133 Weston PKWY
Cary, NC 27513

What kind of training and development opportunities does Sunday Salon offer?

At Sunday Salon, we prioritize the growth and development of our team. Our training program is designed to empower our hairstylists with the latest industry trends and techniques. We offer classes and mentoring sessions led by industry experts to help our stylists refine their skills and expand their knowledge. We also support external courses and certification programs to promote continuous learning and professional growth. Our goal is to help our stylists excel in their craft, provide excellent service to our clients, and advance their careers.

What is Sunday Salon's clientele like?

Clientele who appreciate personalized, top-notch hair care services and a luxurious salon experience. Our clients include professionals seeking to maintain a polished look, trendsetters in search of the latest hairstyles, and individuals looking for a transformative change. We take pride in understanding and meeting the unique needs and preferences of each client, ensuring exceptional and customized salon experiences.

What is the Sunday Salon culture like?

At Sunday Salon, we foster a collaborative and supportive culture that encourages creativity. We believe in teamwork and mutual growth, creating an environment where ideas are openly shared, innovation is embraced, and learning is continuous. We celebrate individual successes and empower our stylists to take artistic risks. We value work-life balance and provide the flexibility and support needed for professional and personal growth. Our salon is not just a workplace; it’s a community of passionate individuals dedicated to excellence in their craft.

How does the Sunday Salon handle scheduling and appointments?

At Sunday Salon, we use an advanced scheduling system to efficiently manage appointments and maintain a balanced workload for our stylists. Our system allows clients to easily book or modify appointments online, while also providing real-time schedules for our stylists. Our team ensures that each stylist has enough time with every client to deliver personalized and luxurious service. Additionally, our administrative staff takes care of all scheduling details, allowing our stylists to focus on their creativity and client service.

What products does the Sunday Salon use?

At Sunday Salon, we are committed to using high-quality, eco-conscious products that not only enhance our clients’ hair but also respect the environment. We use two main product lines – Virtue and Mr. Smith. Virtue is a local North Carolina brand, renowned for its pure, human Keratin-based products that naturally rejuvenate the hair. Mr. Smith, on the other hand, is hailed for its style, substance, and simplicity. The products are scientifically designed, hydrating, lightweight, and organically nourishing, ensuring maximum results while retaining the hair’s natural fluidity and shine. Therefore, whichever your preference, we guarantee that our products will enhance clients’ hair health and appearance.

What color line does Sunday Salon use?

At Sunday Salon, we use Goldwell Professional Hair Color and Oligo Professional for our color services. Goldwell offers a diverse spectrum of professional, vibrant colors that deliver high-definition shine and exceptional fade resistance. It’s a trusted brand known for its innovative technologies that protect hair and ensure long-lasting, healthy-looking color. Oligo Professional, on the other hand, is renowned for its gentle, ammonia-free formulas that provide luminous, rich hair color while maintaining the integrity of the hair. Their environmentally conscious approach aligns with our values at Sunday Salon, as we aim to provide luxury services that minimize harm to both the client’s hair and the environment.

What is Sunday Salon's compensation structure?

At Sunday Salon, we have a compensation structure that rewards the skill, experience, and dedication of our stylists. We operate on a tiered commission-based system, where stylists earn a percentage of their service charges and product sales. The commission percentage increases as stylists achieve higher goal tiers based on service revenue, average retail per client visit, and retention rates. This system encourages continuous improvement and growth of our stylists’ clientele. We also provide performance-based bonuses and incentives for participating in salon events and promotions. We highly value our team’s hard work and commitment and ensure their compensation reflects that.

What benefits does Sunday Salon offer?

At Sunday Salon, we deeply value our employees and offer an array of benefits designed to support their well-being and professional development. These include comprehensive health insurance coverage, a competitive commission structure, and a robust 401(k) retirement plan. Furthermore, we offer generous paid time off, stock options, and exceptional client amenities. Our team members also enjoy the convenience of our online booking system, have access to a well-stocked breakroom, and receive extensive marketing support. We believe in continuous learning and offer numerous opportunities for ongoing education. We maintain a drama-free work environment that encourages collaborative teamwork, and offer flexible scheduling options to support a healthy work-life balance. Lastly, we recognize and reward outstanding performance, reflecting our commitment to promoting excellence and dedication within our team.

What are the expectations for stylists in terms of marketing and attracting new clients?

At Sunday Salon, while we do have a robust marketing team that handles the majority of our promotional efforts, we believe each stylist is a brand ambassador. We encourage our stylists to maintain an active professional presence on social media, showcasing their work and sharing their experiences at our salon. It aids in enhancing their personal brand, attracting new clients, and further establishing Sunday Salon‘s reputation.

What are the opportunities for advancement within Sunday Salon?

At Sunday Salon, we are dedicated to fostering the professional growth and career progression of our stylists. Opportunities for advancement are abundant, with various tiers based on experience and expertise. As stylists continue to refine their skills and increase their clientele, they have the chance to move to higher levels within our structure, attaining higher commission rates and earning potential. For those interested in education, we offer opportunities to become trainers, mentoring new stylists and sharing their knowledge with the team. Additionally, we provide stock options, allowing our employees to financially participate in the salon’s success and growth. We firmly believe in nurturing our employees’ ambitions, and we are committed to creating a supportive environment where every stylist can thrive.

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Sunday Salon is a renowned industry leader in the Triangle. With rapid growth and a prime location near the upcoming Apple Campus, we are positioned for success. Our website elegantly showcases our work, while our user-friendly and efficient online booking system ensures a seamless experience. Our unwavering commitment is to provide our clients with an exceptional and unforgettable salon experience.

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Kickstart your career by joining a team of talented, compassionate, and dedicated professionals who are passionate about their work. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced mentors, collaborate on exciting projects, and grow both personally and professionally. Take the leap and embark on a rewarding journey of professional development and meaningful contributions in a supportive and inclusive work environment.