Voyage Raleigh Spotlights Sunday Salon’s Innovative Personalized Luxury Hair Care

Cary, NC – August 20, 2021 – Sunday Salon, the emerging hallmark of bespoke luxury in the world of haircare, proudly announces Creative Director Lisa Edwards’ recent feature in an exclusive interview with Voyage Raleigh. Known for its tailored approach to beauty, Sunday Salon is reimagining elegance and sophistication in every detail of its services.

A Steward of Style and Personalized Elegance: Meet Lisa Edwards

In an industry that celebrates beauty, Lisa Edwards stands out as a paragon of knowledge and dedication to the craft of hair artistry. With a storied career that stretches from the hustle of Connecticut to the glamour of San Francisco, Edwards’ journey is one of passion, mentorship, and growth. Now bringing her seasoned experience to Cary, she leads Sunday Salon’s innovative approach to high-end haircare services.

“Starting a business, especially during a pandemic, came with its own set of trials,” says Lisa Edwards. “Yet, it’s these challenges that carve the path for opportunity and invention.”

Insights from a Visionary: Key Quotes from the Interview

Voyage Raleigh’s intimate conversation with Edwards reveals the strategic mind behind Sunday Salon’s rapid growth and distinct position in the marketplace. Here she shares her inspirational story:

“I rapidly advanced through the ranks to become a master stylist… We conceived the vision of a high-end salon for the Triangle and pursued it with unyielding determination,” shares Edwards.

Addressing challenges and future expectations, she states, “Boutique salons like ours are poised to redefine commercial retail with unparalleled personalized service. In the constantly evolving landscape of fashion and beauty, adaptability isn’t just a trait—it’s the cornerstone of our philosophy.”

Pioneering a New Paradigm in Haircare Services

Organically forging connections with the local community, Sunday Salon is quickly becoming a sanctuary where luxury is not about opulence but the empowerment to define personal symbols of status.

“Our boutique hair salon offers a deeply personalized service. We recognize that modern luxury allows for the creation of one’s own unique symbols of status rather than having them defined externally,” Edwards elucidates on the ethos of Sunday Salon.

Embark on the Journey of Elevated Beauty with Sunday Salon

With Lisa Edwards at the helm, Sunday Salon affirms its dedication to avant-garde techniques and the celebration of individuality through exemplary haircare services.

We invite you to indulge in the full narrative of Lisa Edward’s incredible journey and the innovative spirit of Sunday Salon by reading the complete interview at Voyage Raleigh’s website.

About Sunday Salon:

At Sunday Salon, we believe that the essence of luxury is rooted in the art of personalization. Guided by the hands of skilled artisans, we tailor an exclusive experience to each client, ensuring a journey that not just transforms but transcends. It is here, within the curated ambiance of Sunday Salon, that elegance, comfort, and individuality reign supreme.

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