3 Tips To Blow-Dry Your Hair This Winter

Blowouts are a fantastic method to increase volume, shine and hold to your hair so that you can look beautiful for all of those winter gatherings. They can also last for a few days if done correctly so that you can minimize any heat damage to your hair. Below are a few tips on how to blow-dry your hair.

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Protect your hair from the winter elements

If you don’t take precautions, the time and effort you spent on your blowout will be gone in minutes.

  • Wear a hat or hood to protect your blowout from rain, sleet, and snow (maybe we’ll get some in Cary this winter?)
  • Protect your blowout while running errands by using a claw clip or loose ponytail, especially if you are working out

Use a blow dryer with concentrator (nozzle) & heat protectant

This is the most effective approach to preserve your blowout. It’s also preferable to blow dry your hair soon after a shower to prevent any frizz or flatness from over air drying. 

  • Apply a heat protectant before blow-drying (We highly recommend Virtue’s 6 in 1 Styler)
  • Use a blow dryer on the warm setting to rough dry your hair all over 50-75% depending on your hair texture
  • Focus on the root area, lift the hair off your scalp in the direction it grows to add volume and body and then work your way through the mid lengths of your hair
  • Separate your hair off into manageable sections
  • Use a round brush to smooth and polish these sections while making sure that the blow dryer nozzle is always pointed down the hair shaft
  • Never sandwich the hair completely with the brush and blow dryer nozzle, you want to get close without damaging the hair 
  • Repeat until all sections are dried and polished

Use a hairspray and/or finishing spray

Your blowout will last longer if you lock in all your work with a hair spray or finishing spray. Spritz and go and your blowout should look fresh all day long!

  • Hold the spray about 12 inches away from your head and spray in short bursts
  • Repeat until all sections are sprayed
  • Try a humidity-resistant hairspray to help your blowout last in humid weather (We recommend Mr Smith Hairspray or Mr Smith High Hold Hairspray)
  • Try a texture spray to add more grit and hold for a lasting look! (We recommend Mr Smith Dry Texture Spray)  

Follow these simple tips and you’ll be able to maintain your blowout all winter long, or book a blowout with one of our stylists online 24/7. Happy styling!

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