The Science Behind Hair Glossing: Why It’s Worth Trying

Hair glossing is a demi-permanent hair treatment designed to enhance the shine and overall appearance of your hair. It involves the application of a translucent or colored gloss, which helps seal the hair cuticle and smooth away frizz, resulting in a sleek and polished look. Additionally, the gloss enhances the natural color of your hair and can be used to create depth and dimension. Unlike permanent hair color, hair glossing is a safe and gentle option that doesn’t deeply penetrate the hair shaft, making it perfect for those seeking to enhance their hair’s appearance without a long-term commitment.

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Benefits of hair glossing

Hair glossing is a fantastic way to achieve a lustrous and healthy look for your hair. Not only does it impart a brilliant shine, but it also works wonders in locking in hair color and taming frizz. Not only does hair glossing enhance the overall texture of your hair, leaving it smoother and silkier, but it also offers a temporary solution for those seeking a hair transformation without the commitment. This treatment is quick, convenient, and guarantees a magnificent hair appearance that will turn heads.

Difference between hair glossing & hair color

Hair glossing is a demi-permanent treatment that adds shine, color, and smoothness to the hair without drastically altering your natural hair color. It works by closing the hair cuticle, providing a reflective surface that enhances the hair’s natural color and adds a glossy finish. On the other hand, hair color is a permanent color that penetrates the hair shaft, altering the natural color of the hair. This can lead to a more noticeable change in hair color, and requires more maintenance to upkeep the color. Glossing treatments often contain nourishing ingredients that deeply condition and revitalize the hair, leaving it looking vibrant and lustrous. The color molecules in the gloss are deposit-only, meaning they don’t penetrate the hair shaft, resulting in a subtle yet natural-looking enhancement.

Hair glossing procedure

Typically, the hair is first washed and then the gloss is applied, followed by a period of processing time. This treatment is often recommended for individuals who want to boost the vibrancy of their hair color or add a subtle tint.

How long does hair glossing last

Hair glossing typically lasts between 4 to 6 weeks. The exact duration can vary depending on factors such as your hair’s texture, the homecare products used, and how well you maintain your hair. Hair glossing is a beneficial, non-permanent treatment, as it can improve the appearance of your hair by adding shine, enhancing color, and reducing frizz. Keep in mind that regular hair washing and exposure to the sun can make the gloss fade faster.

Maintaining gloss results

Applying a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner can help maintain the results of your hair glossing treatment. These products can prevent color from fading and keep your hair looking shiny and vibrant for longer. Additionally, it’s recommended to avoid exposing your hair to excessive heat, such as from styling tools, and to minimize sun exposure to help preserve the glossing effects. If you prefer to use styling tools, we highly recommend using a heat protectant. Additionally, if you’ll be spending time in the sun, opt for a product that offers high-quality UV protection for your hair.

Final thoughts

Considering trying a hair gloss? It’s important to note that this technique adds shine, depth, and dimension to your hair color, without the need for a drastic change. It’s a low-maintenance way to enhance your natural hair color. Keep in mind that results may vary depending on your current hair color and condition. If you’re seeking a subtle change to boost your confidence and overall look, hair glossing is definitely worth a try. Remember to consult with a professional hairstylist to determine the best course of action for your hair.


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