How to Transition Back to Your Natural Hair Color
September 10, 2021

There may come a time when you decide to go back to your roots. This could be an effort to save your over processed strands, or to have a more natural, less maintenance hair color. However transitioning to your natural hair color is easier said than done. Our Creative Director, Lisa Edwards, is a color specialist and has the following recommendations to consider when transitioning to your natural hair color.


Growing out your hair color can be eased along by having very few babylights around the top of the head area only. These can be color matched to suit individual needs, and will help diffuse the solid line between the natural out growing hair and existing color treated hair.

Demi Colors

It is easier to darken lighter colored hair to match your natural root color. The best way to do this is with a demi color, also commonly referred to as a gloss, glaze, or toner. Demi colors allow your colorist to softly darken pre-lightened hair while still keeping you dimensional. Best of all demis will slowly fade over time allowing flexibility with your hue while not creating another harsh line of demarcation.

Work With A Color Expert

Growing out black or red colored hair can be more difficult because of their high color pigmentation. This requires an experienced colorist to help you safely transition back to your natural color. This also applies when you wish to transition from tinted hair to natural greying hair. A detailed consultation, and aftercare plan is a must!

Be Patient & Get a Trim

Patience and regular trims are the key to growing out hair color. Lastly, always remember hair color stays with you until it is completely cut off and will always require some form of maintenance.

Ready to go back to your roots?

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