Scalp-care is the Best Haircare
June 19, 2021

Do you want beautiful, luxurious, and healthy hair? The process starts with taking good care of your scalp. This is now more evident than ever because it’s scientifically proven that a healthy scalp creates an environment for healthy hair.

Did you know: The scalp is one of the dirtiest places on the human body

Your scalp has an abundance of sweat glands and sebaceous oil glands that produce the oily sebum. The white waxy buildup that is noticeable under your nails when you scratch your scalp is sebum that is mixed with dead skin cells. It’s not always possible to wash away oily scalp with shampoo alone because the sebum buildup needs something to break it down, such as salicylic acid. You may also find that your scalp is temperamental and weather can increase your scalp’s sebum production. Even stress can increase sebum production.

Product buildup & dryness

No one wants flakiness & itchiness caused by product buildup and dryness. You may feel that some hair styling products make your hair look much better, but keep in mind that over time they can leave a residue on your scalp. The residue will eventually contribute to dryness, flakiness and clogged follicles on your scalp. Even certain shampoo and conditioning products can contribute to the residue build up. Worse yet, if you over-wash your hair it will strip your hair of oil and dry your scape.

Your scalp could be causing thinning hair

Sebum, skin flakes, pollution, and product buildup clog your hair follicles, and clogged hair follicles coupled with age, stress, hormones, illness, medication could be causing thinning hair. Usually multiple hairs will grow from each hair follicle, so when buildup clogs your hair follicles they don’t have additional room for hair growth. This what causes thinning hair.

What you can do for your scalp

Keep your moisture levels balanced to maintain a healthy scalp. If your scalp feels overly oily, use a cleaning shampoo and lightweight conditioner. Alternatively, if your scalp is dry, use a more hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Always aim to eliminate any buildup with clarifying shampoo. We recommend using a clarifying shampoo weekly, depending on how healthy your hair and scalp are. It is critical to revitalize your scalp to rejuvenate hair follicles. This ensures beautiful, luxurious hair, and most importantly, healthy hair.

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We offer hair treatment services that strengthen, moisturize, repair and prevent fading hair color, so that you can protect and prolong the investment you’ve made in your hair.

Hair Care Products

Contact us to learn more about these products we carry that are suited for scalp-care:

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