Virtue Labs CEO Gets Featured on Forbes 50 Over 50 List
June 11, 2021

Are you loving all your Virtue products? We certainly are! 

Did you know that their CEO, Melisse Shaban, was recently honored by appearing on the Forbes 50 over 50 list. We wanted to share this clip from our local news! In this clip, Melisse sits down with our local news channel to talk about her inclusion and Virtue. It’s quick and fun to watch. Melisse is an amazing woman and we are so happy for the Virtue team and their success.

These are the highlights featured for her selection to the prestigious list:

  • The keratin used in Shaban’s hair care products to repair damaged hair was developed by the military to heal battlefield injuries.
  • Shaban started Virtue Labs in 2014, two years after meeting the scientists behind the keratin; her first products launched in 2017.
  • In just four years post-launch, Virtue has won over 50 editorial and industry awards and signed Jennifer Garner as a celebrity partner.
  • Revenues doubled year over year to $30 million in 2020.

We are delighted to have a partnership with Virtue. This is an excerpt from our lastest press release about the partnership: “As a young haircare brand, we’re extremely proud to have won the trust of Sunday Salon,” said Melisse Shaban, Virtue Founder & CEO.  “The award-winning technology behind Virtue products was born right here in North Carolina, and locally based salons like Sunday Salon are among our most devoted customers.  We’re excited to partner with them to grow our businesses together.”

You can purchase Virtue Products directly from our website, or next time you visit us in person. If you have any questions, or want to try one of their products, ask your stylist during your next appointment, or in between appointments using our virtual consultation tool.

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